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Peninsula Junior League Baseball

Peninsula Junior League Baseball 2024 TRY OUTS for 13U and 14U players will be Saturday, January 20, 2024 at 2PM, Ernie Howlett Park, Junior Field.

If rained out on Saturday, Try Outs will be Sunday January 21, 2024 at 2PM, Junior Field. 

Attention all Little League graduated Majors!  The four Palos Verdes Peninsula Little Leagues have teamed up to form 13U and 14U Little League divisions, under “PVPeninsula Little League”.  Games and practices will be held at George Allen field, which can support the larger 50-70 and 60-90 diamonds.  We encourage all Little Leaguers to sign up via your home league when registration opens on November 1st, and continue playing little league with your middle school friends.  Club ballplayers are welcome, and will be accommodated. 

To find your league for registration, enter your school or home address on the little league finder website at 

All leagues will combine after registration for one league, just as “Junior League” used to operate in the past.


First Pitch For Peninsula Junior League!

Junior League Equipment

Thank you for your interest in Peninsula Junior League. PJL is governed by Little League International, and as such, we have the following equipment guidelines:

Cleats: Metal baseball spikes are allowed as are molded plastic baseball cleats. 

Bats: You have three choices - 1) USA Bats, 2) BBCOR, and 3) Wood. All other bats are not allowed (e.g. USSSA). For more on bats, click this link

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